Correy Connaway, PE

Correy is a Development & Development Executive with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the development, design & planning & delivery of mega-projects.

His multidiscipline background spans a wide range of Infrastructure & Iconic Asset projects with a specialization in full cycle development of large, complex, and one-of-a-kind programs.

Mr. Connaway holds an Engineering Degree from the State University of New York, a Business Law Certification from Cornell University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the United States.

Program Development & Delivery


 Project & Program Development

Overview of the Project Development process basics which follows the evolution life-cycle of small and mega-projects from:

  1. Idea Creation
  2. Concept Design Business Planning
  3. Funding & Investor Development
  4. Design & Engineering
  5. Project Bidding
  6. Construction Execution.

Program Management 

Covers the basics of Project Management in an easy to understand format including:

  1. Definition & Description of Project Management.
  2. Qualities & Skill-sets needed to be a Project Manager
  3. Budget, Quality, Safety, and Schedule
  4. Project Controls

Construction & Delivery

Covers the basics of Construction Execution & Management including:

  1. The Contsruction Contract and relationship between Owner and Contractor
  2. The Role and Purpose of the Professional Engineer & Architect of Record.
  3. The Role and Purpose of the Owner’s Rep & Supervision Consultant.
  4. Construction Drawings, Inspections, Testing & Commissioning, and Documentation